The recent works of Robert Grieves

Robert Grieves is a household name in the world of film animation. He has managed to prove his unique abilities throughout the years by releasing great animation films. Throughout the article, we get to see how he is able to capture people's attention by coming up with familiar yet distinct scenarios which he incorporates in his digital world, the projects for his audience to see. He is known to have gained recognition and won numerous prizes throughout his career.

Recent works of Robert Grieves

Robert Grieves has worked with great Television Broadcasting networks like BBC, ABC and History channels. It is here that he was able to collect two accolades, the gold Promax/BDA awards, not once but twice. With these channels, he has been involved in some of the most amazing animation projects that have seen his name shine. Most of these works display his ingenuity and extraordinary mind. Some of his recent works that left a huge mark in the digital world including.


Mark of a free society

Through this short animation film, Grieves gives a detailed account of Britain's economy and the workers’ rights. In the animation, he is able to tell the story of the initial trade unions that were formed to aid in upholding workers welfare while performing their everyday duties. In days where even death of a worker was not significant, they were able to rise and merge to form unions. With his brilliance and animation passion, Robert grieves is able to fit a whole story in this short animation film. The film was well accepted in the UK and other parts of the world.


Anyone who saw sausage knows how great the animation was. Robert Grieves did go over many people expect in this piece. There is no film that catapulted Grieves further than ‘Sausage.' It was able to scoop him some of the biggest accolades in the animation industry. These include eight festival awards, a stiff pack on Vimeo and went ahead to qualify for the Oscars. Through this animation Grieves proves his storytelling abilities by trying to show the negative impact of big business ventures on small businesses. This short film showed his prowess to connect with people from different parts of the world.

What Robert grieve is involved in at the moment

Grieves now runs an online animation platform through which he shares his abilities to the world and uses it to get more animation projects. Through BERT animation, Grieves has worked with some of the biggest companies like Adidas, Samsung among others. For Samsung, he designed an illustration showing the capabilities of its devices. It was very short and precise. He is now involved in creating short animations for charity and other non-profit organizations like the UK Red Cross Services to create awareness. He continues showcasing his narration abilities while performing these short projects. He has indeed mastered the art and embraced it.