The real meaning behind the short film: Sausage

Sausage is a successful multi-award winning narrative by London based Illustrator and animator Robert Grieves. It explores trade ethics and survival of small vendors in a competitive society.

sausage-robert-grievesRobert Grieves humorously narrates the development of the fierce rivalry between two stallholders and a big fast food vendor that ends in a ferocious culmination. This article probes the importance of this animated short and the positive derivatives that we can learn from it. Two food vendors, a man, and a woman harmoniously exist in a tranquil marketplace where they deal in different products with the former trading in grilled sausages and the latter in freshly baked products. Form these two, we learn the importance of building a business around high-quality products as signified by the use of "Hand-reared pigs” and "Freshly baked" signs for both of the sausage and bakery are posted to their customers respectively. The uncompromising quality products can guarantee customers' loyalty even in the most competitive of environments. However the entrance into that very market by a big fast food vendor with an automated stall helps us to understand the efficiency of technology in service delivery. Machines do not burnout nearly as fast as humans do, hence eliminating the need for breaks. This contributes to fast service delivery and helps to increase sales.

Sausage also provides a blueprint which can help even the modest start-ups can grow into formidable enterprises. This animated short helps us further acknowledge the harsh economic times we are in. This is further signified by the big food vendors decision to cut the price of his sausages and baked goods by half the market value! His measure is with immediate effect, earning him a stream of customers. Successful businesses are not built as quick for wealth acquisition schemes like this. In other words, the pricing of their products should always remain fair while still protecting any kind of profit margins. Sausage also highlights different ingenious ideas through which customers can get value for their money where it may not be applicable for lower prices for products or services. This is as bolstered by Robert Grieves' use of both subtle and explicit ideas in the use of free gifts and therapeutic services such as hugs and massage, down to to scantily dressed male and female models who offer free kisses to buyers.

Now as we know already, visual entertainment is vital in customer acquisition and retaining a repeat base- however the circus-like performance, complete with a monkey band and clowns, helps us appreciate visual comedic effect to win customers. Robert Grieves also shows the need for reinvention of certain products and services, and inevitable business merger between the two smaller vendors means the overture of a small businesses' survival tactics. This is perfectly portrayed by a merger which gives birth to a new delicacy that is widely accepted by people from many different cultures. As an artist, Robert Grieves stresses the importance of originality and creativity as being the key elements for the success of any business, and that detrimental consequences can result from imitation. Two totally different food vendors learn this from the copy-cat vendor’s desperate attempt to remain in business and join forces in order to force the lower quality product out.

His elaboration of how complex and laborious an invention of a simple dish as a hot dog came to be, challenging us to not take even the simplest of things for granted. Good customer service guarantees happy clientele, and this ensures a successful businesses which in turn forms the foundation of a thriving society in general.