The greatest animated short films ever made

Animated short films generally refer to films that portray a uniqueness of artwork and designed to run only for minutes. Most animated short films are usually designed to engage a viewer. Watching an animated film also gives the viewer more visual possibilities as compared to a live film. This article reviews the greatest animated short films ever created. Filmmakers will opt to create animated films to fulfill an inspiration, or even express a unique idea. These films may also portray different stories or even styles from a particular material or concept. Some of the greatest animated shorts created include our selection to the top picks ever!

Steamboat Willie (1928)

Walt Disney, This is an epic animation, one of the first cartoons to be made by Walt Disney, mostly a musical short it was among the first to include sound. It is about a mouse that acts as a sailor, who is later known to be the iconic Mickey Mouse. It became one of the greatest inspirational groundwork to cartoon animations and featured the voice of Walt Disney himself as Mickey Mouse.

Hey Deer! (2015)

This is a film on a cocoa drinking deer with a willingness to clean and tidy his house each and everyday. However, every night, there's an unwanted earthquake which comes and causes a mess, making him depressed. There is no conversation involved throughout the film, but a clear story line is portrayed. It is a short anima produced and directed by Ore Barczy.

Piper (2016)

Produced by Pixar animation, this is a computer-animated film that involves a certain small bird which has never been to the seafront. After being swept off to the sea, shes finally able to find a friend and even food. There's personification portrayed, as well as storytelling about overcoming fear and obstacles. There are no words used in this film, hence enabling the viewer to infer on what goes on in the scene.

Mr Hublot (2013)

This refers to a French film by Laurent Witz and Alexandra Espigares, which is based on the olden days setting. It doesn't involve dialogue, and hence the viewer can only get the story-line from what is viewed on the scene.

Paperman (2012)

As a romantic comedy, this film comes in black and white, where it only involves storytelling. A young gentleman is always trying to get to a lady he loves, but it almost seems like a nightmare for him. The humor concept is seen, even as he tries to get to her. It was originally produced by Walt-Disney Animation Studios, but was later directed by John Kahrs.

Dear Basketball (2017)

Written by Kobe Bryant, animated by Glen Keane, and music done by John Williams, this represents a narrative by Kobe Bryant. The film depicts a life story of Kobe Bryant, since when young, his growth and transition to adulthood as he ventures into basketball.

In a Heartbeat (2017)

Produced and written by Esteban Bravo, as well as Beth David, this is a great anima based on love between one boy and another. The closeted boy is ousted by his heart just to go after the other boy, whom he gets to love. However, there is an emotional aspect when they part ways for a while and then later get back together It is also very well blended with the characterization.

Our Final Verdict -

Unlike movies or other films, the animated short films create a picture and greater interest to follow up or infer on a particular story-line. Most short films will also portray a personification, where others will just have a sense of humor and engaging the viewer.