What Makes Us So Darn Animated?

We are simply passionate about animation- so we started a website dedicated to people just like us who are obsessed with cartoon animation, short films and everything in between.

Jeff Young- Animation assistant aka "Full Focus"

Site writer and more. My favorite quote is, "Adopting the right type of attitude can easily turn a negative into positive". I believe that when you dwell on the negatives, you encourage failure because it is impossible to be productive when you're filled with negative energy. I love storytelling, and I am a bit of a quirky individual. I have always been fascinated by animations and as a child, I poured my heart and soul into them. I still do. I use the tagline Full Focus because I am a perfectionist.

Vance Andrew- Stop-motion animator aka"Fight or Fly"

Not just another website editor... I love the quote, "Never apologize for being yourself”. Growing up I always felt like I did not belong because I was always on the outside. I did not have any friends, and I did not know why. And so I poured all my energy into tech and creating queer characters who were like me. This has served me well over the years because I eventually made the right friends and I discovered that there were other kids who felt like I did. I use the tagline Fight or Fly because often when life throws curve balls at you, you either have to fight or fly/run away. I chose to fight, always.

Ted Clifford- Retired animator aka "The Animation Oracle"

I take on the task of being a contributing writer for the website. I love the quote, "Stay true to yourself and you will be incredibly happy". I believe that most people fail because they try so hard to please society and lose track of who they are as an individual, and that is possibly the biggest tragedy anyone can suffer. Because when you lose yourself, you lose your worth, and when you lose your worth, you have nothing more to give. I discovered animation in middle school and it is the best thing that ever happened to me. I am passionate about mentoring young animators. It gives me great joy to see young animators evolve into great artists. My students often refer to me as The Animation Oracle. I'll admit it makes me blush. It reminds me of all that I have had overcome to succeed. It makes me proud of the person I am today.

Devon Edmonds- CGI animator aka "Blue Wave"

Who says they needed a special events reporter for the website? I love the quote, "Stop comparing yourself to other people, you're supposed to be unique". I believe that the key to being successful and overcoming any hurdles life may throw at you is by thinking outside the box, and you cannot do that if you are constantly trying to be like everybody else. I love CGI animation, it allows me to express myself and also to create weird characters that mirror me, or the world around me. I use the online name Blue Wave because I love watching waves and the ocean.

Our goal is to bring together people from all over the world who love animations. We believe in the stories we tell through animations hence the need to share our knowledge and experiences. We strive to curate highly informative, entertaining, and educative content, though if we miss anything- be sure to let us know:



Sausage Film Group

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